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Traxler Beef

4359 County 11 Blvd

Kenyon, MN  55946


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Phone: 507-789-6321

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Why Buy Traxler Beef ?


Consistent Superior Quality

  Traxler Beef are raised with the highest standard of quality in mind. How beef are raised determines taste, tenderness and fat content -- Traxler Beef's specialized feeding program, selection process and avoidance of antibiotics insures you of consistent eating enjoyment.



Freshness of Product

 Beef goes from farm to processor to your freezer -- no wholesaler, warehouses, trucking or storage.



Convenience of an In-Home Meat Supply

 No need to shop for freshness or special cuts or prices-- you have all these in your freezer at your fingertips.





  You save by buying direct and buying all the cuts, but most importantly buying superior, consistent quality you and your family wants and deserves.