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Traxler Beef

4359 County 11 Blvd

Kenyon, MN  55946


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WHAT IS Traxler Beef ?


The Traxlers are focused on producing the ultimate beef for your table. Holstein steers are carefully selected and grown from 4 days old to 12-14 months of age. Only the best calves are kept to be raised as Traxler Beef.


Ann and Jeff both have backgrounds in livestock production and have used this knowledge to develop a specialized feeding program. This program is based on a diet high in whole kernel corn to optimize fast growth for a very lean and tender product. No hormones are given or antibiotics used in the feed.


The cattle are kept in small groups of 4 to 8 animals to reduce stress and for ease of observation. These groups are specifically formed so Traxler Beef is available year round.


Traxler Beef is sold as whole, sides (halves), or quarters. Quarters may be front, rear or the most popular, a split side, sometimes called a "half -of-a-half ".


Price discounts are given for larger orders.


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